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    Die Schrift
A) Introduction :
what writing is it ?
Samples from Europe, Africa,    Indian aerea,    East Asia
List countries - writing
Understanding languages :
Brief introduction into phonetics and transcription
The "european" Alphabet
We need a standard writing
Brief introduction into the science of writings
Why are the countrynames missing on some stamps ?
Three different reasons,    Examples of national emblems

B) Alphabets, Translations and Images of Stamps :
1st Group: greek, russian, georgian, armenian

2nd Group : arabic and similar, hebrew, ethiopian-amharic
Brief introduction : reading arabic - easy made
How to find a special stamp ?
Country names and philatelic terms translated arabic - sorry, german - not yet english

3rd Group : India and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Burma)
Brief introduction : reading hindi - easy made

4th group : China, Japan, Corea, Mongolia
Brief introduction : reading chinese - easy made
How to find a special stamp ?

C) Old roman writing on documents :
An introduction to learn Sütterlin-writing ("german hand") and mostly elder writings
with reading exercises you will find here :

D) Roman writing on stamps :
Some help to identify stamps and a list of all countries
you will find here\Lat_Begriffe.htm

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