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Introduction to writings and phonetic
Phonetic, Transcription, Scriptology, text samples of exotic writings

Writing arabic
Introduction into alphabet and know-how

Chinese characters
Intro into construction and know-how

Japanese Katakana-Script

Learn to read Sutterlin on old german documents
in brief lessons

aktualized July ,11.2000
To whom are these pages?
for Philatelists, to help them finding and indentifying stamps of unknown origin out of a catalog. and to understand them.
for globetrotters and tourists, if they do not want to travel into an asian or african country as total analphabets.
And, of course for the ones, who have no idea what those arab and chinese "curls" might possibly stand for and would like to know.
Copyright by Peter Doerling, Norderstedt/Germany
You may copy anything for your private needs.
I reserve copying and publishing of any kind exclusively for me.
If you want to print even parts of this in a clubmagazine etc please contact me!
Please request my manuscript on paper.

Translation into english with kindly assistance by Thomas Otto
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